Monday, 8 April 2013

The Fabulous Women of Mad Men

It's with mixed emotions that I'm awaiting the start of season 6 of Mad Men on Sky Atlantic.  The creators have said there will only be one more season after this one so while I'm really, really excited for season 6, I'm gutted that I'll only have one more season premier after this one *sob*.

Whether you watch Mad Men because you're a fan of dashing men, immaculately put-together women, excellent storytelling or just first rate acting, you'll almost certainly appreciate the incredible attention to detail in each and every scene.  I started watching Mad Men a couple of years after it first aired, spurred on to check it out by an article in Grazia detailing the lengths the set-dressers went to to make sure everything was just perfect.  Soon hooked on the slow-moving yet utterly absorbing storylines and the sheer beauty of Betty Draper's wardrobe, I became a huge fan of all things Mad Men.

Here are some of my favourite looks sported by the leading ladies of series so far:

Betty Francis

Betty's Rome outfit was a real glimpse into who Betty might have been before she met Don, when she was still modelling and had the world at her feet.

I really love Betty's pretty dresses, though, and covet much of her fabulous wardrobe.  

I'd play tennis EVERY DAY if it meant I could wear this:

Joan, Joan, Joan

Has there ever been a woman as fabulous as Joan Harris?  (Clue: The answer is"no").  An inspiration to tall, curvy gals everywhere,  I love seeing her strut across the screen.  Her honeyed tones disguise a strong, independent woman who really develops over several seasons.  I love you, Joan.

Mad Men Joan Fashion

Peggy Olson

Not a fan of anything Peggy ever wears, ever, I struggled to find a look I liked.  I had to include Peggy, because, you know, she's Peggy.  She's in practically every scene in many episodes and is arguably the most important female character in the show.  I do quite like this cute dress, though:

Sally Draper

I adore Sally.  From cute little kid to feisty teenager, she has stolen every scene she's appeared in.  This glam look is from Season 5 and is the first time we see Sally sporting an adult look:

Mad Men Season 5 Episode 7 Don and Sally

Megan Draper

I love lovely Megan.  She's much more of a 60s chick than the other characters and her look tends to be less polished and more modern.  As a black eyeliner devotee myself, I can totally get on board with her approach to make-up, too.

I'll be glued to my screen when Season 6 starts this week and trying not to think about the fact that sometime next year, Mad Men will be gone forever.  Thank God for boxsets.


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