Thursday, 4 April 2013

Song lyric embroidery #2

One of the few things my sister and I have in common, apart from the same parents, vegetarianism and the belief that my niece is the best child in the entire world, is that our favourite band is The Doors.  I made this little set of embroideries for her birthday, using a line from her favourite Doors song:

I did them totally freehand and although they're a wee bit wonky, I think this adds to the homemade look rather than detracts from their appearance.  I used chain stitch which I hadn't done before but I'm now hooked on the way it looks.  My stitches could be a bit neater and I definitely improved a lot towards the end, but as a first attempt, I'm pretty pleased.  

Now, shall we have a gratuitous picture of Jim Morrison to round off this mini-post? 



  1. Love these! I always love your embroidery. I like that they are freehand because it probably means you've brought more of your own writing style to them, which I'm sure your sister will pick up on! I now have that song in my head... x

    1. Thanks Anna. It looks much wonkier in the pictures than it actually is, but that is very definitely mu handwriting. I don't think it's changed since I was about 8 :-) x

  2. Frankly, with that picture to end, you could have written anything and I'd have agreed with you...

  3. I've been looking for embroidery inspiration lately and I can see your blog is going to be a great source! I love how these turned out. I have to try chain stich!