Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April's Crafting and Crochet Projects

Well, April, haven't you just been a hectic month? Dealing with a seriously ill cat at the start of the month, racing to meet several work deadlines towards the end and suffering from a lingering flu-type illness that lasted the best part of two weeks have left me little time for anything else. I have managed to fit in a little crochet though. I'm usually a fan of instant gratification in my crafting endeavours but earlier this year, I decided to take on some bigger projects. I'm currently working my way towards my first ever crochet afghan and managed to hook up a few more of these this month:

I'm also attempting to make a kind of over-sized shrug/cardigan type garment and have just started it for the third and, I hope, final time! The yarn I was using was too heavy so I've taken it down a notch to a lighter version. I'm making it without a pattern but my idea is fairly straightforward so hopefully I'll have something wearable by the end...

I'm planning on selling some crochet accessories via Etsy over the coming months and am working on stock. This was a great little project while I was laid up in bed last week. I love anything I can finish in 10 minutes and it's really satisfying to see the little piles growing! Still need to weave the ends in though, boooooo:

I also had a go at crafting with felt. I made a wonky heart first and then tried a little birdie, inspired by the lovely Suki over at the equally lovely Owl Club Blog after I saw one she'd posted on Instagram. I can't remember really using felt before, possibly as I'd been put off by the garish  primary-coloured sheets in those craft packs you see all over the place aimed at children, but I picked up some pieces in muted shades the other week and was keen to have a go. I love freehand sewing and felt is much more forgiving towards uneven or mis-judged stitches, making it perfect for a quick and easy crafting. 

felt embroidered heart applique

felt embroidered bird

So there is my April in a crafting nutshell. Thankfully, little Pepster is now doing well and enjoying chilling at home in cute sleeping poses:



  1. The felt heart and birdie are so sweet! Good luck with you Etsy venture - it's a great idea. Hx

    1. Thanks Helen :-) I just need to find the time to get it set up now! x

  2. Lovely post Jen, especially liking the felted bird

    Eve x

    1. Thanks Eve, I love my little bird too and felt is so easy to work with :-) x