Friday, 18 January 2013

Pastel Crochet Granny Squares

Crochet and knitting are the perfect wintry crafts and I've really been getting back into both lately.  I've been rediscovering the humble granny square and am really enjoying making these pretty pastel ones.  Athough I started with the idea of making a throw, I quickly realised I'd better be more realistic about my staying power and make them into a cushion cover instead.  I had loads of pastel yarn left over from making gifts for the babies and children of friends and family so it started as a way of using scraps but I'm running out of pink so will need to buy some more to finish up.  Even when I start a project using leftovers, I end up spending money!

I'm just using a traditional granny pattern but with a little flower motif in the middle and a single crochet border.  I plan on crocheting them all together with white yarn and reckon I'll need 16 for one side of a cushion cover, so I'm nearly halfway there!

Kind of hoping we get snowed in this weekend so I've got the perfect excuse to stay inside in the warm and work up some more of these!

Pepe observing the snowfall



  1. Granny squar-ing is the perfect snow day hobby! Love the colours that you have used, it'll make a gorgeous cushion.

    1. Thanks, Hannah! There is definitely something really comforting and cosy about granny squares :-)