Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Embroi-deer-y and a crafty giveaway!

Welcome to the first ever giveaway on my brand new blog!  The lovely people at Homecrafts recently sent me two papier mache reindeer to decorate as I pleased, along with two more to give away.  I was planning on decorating mine as reindeer and using them as festive ornaments but as they arrived right before Christmas and time was tight, I decided to make them into generic deer instead so they had year-round appeal.

I've been getting a little addicted to embroidering paper and card lately so after much dithering over how best to decorate my two cute deer, I decided embroidery was the way to go.  I painted the little deer with white acrylic paint then cut out its exact shape from sturdy card.  I doodled a little design, stitched away, glued the card to the deer, et voila:

I'm really pleased with the finished result and my little deer is now settled in his new home on my mantelpiece (which was looking very miserable and bare without its Christmassy decor).  The larger deer was going to be decoupaged but I like my embroidered one so much, I might change my mind and make him into a buddy for this one.

Here they are in their unaltered state. The larger reindeer is 25 x 22.5cm and the smaller 20 x 17cm.

Now for the giveaway...

To be in with a chance of winning a set of two reindeer to dress up to your heart's content, all you have to do is the following two things:

1. Follow this blog either via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'
2. Leave a comment on this post with your reindeer-decorating ideas and telling me what name you're using to follow my blog.

And that's it!  

*The winner will be chosen at random at 8pm Thursday 10th January.  The prize will be sent by First Class post, so only UK residents are eligible to enter.*

If you'd like to purchase the deer yourself, here they are on the Homecrafts website.  

Good luck :-)



  1. So adorable! Love the deer's face too. If I won, I would glitter mine up and display them in my 1950s cocktail cabinet :o) I'm following as Sally Thomson via GFC.

  2. I love these! What an original idea, to use embroidery, it's quite Scandi in design. I'm following as Emma Bridges on Google and I think I'd steampunk one and let my little nephew loose on the other to see what he came up with x

  3. I love the embroidered deer! Lovely choice of colours and it's totally transformed, although I do quite like it in the plain card too! I think I'd go for a nature theme with earthy tones and maybe some dried flower embellishments. I *think* I'm following via Google & Bloglovin as Rosie Robertson, but having problems with both at present!

  4. Some fab ideas, I love them all! I've still got my large deer so might borrow an idea for him ;-) x

  5. ooh love these and am a wee bit obsessed with deer just now (much to my husband's amusement!)
    These could live in my newly decorated bedroom,one painted the same grey/brown as our walls and I might be inspired to try a bit of embroidery on the other one as yours looks fab!
    I'm following as Linsey on google.

    1. Thanks, Linsey! I've been a bit obsessed with foxes lately but deer are my new favourites I think! x

  6. Melissa Carmichael9 January 2013 at 09:34

    It was a brilliant idea to use embroidery. I would paint mine to look like a real life deer if my skills are up to it. I can always practise on the back though! I am following as Melissa on google

  7. I would actually buy that deer in a shop if I saw it! I think I'd have to have a go at the embroidery too as I love the way it looks but don't think it would look that good as good as yours on my first attempt. I follow via Blog Lovin (Harriet Jones) x

  8. I'm currently residing in Spain so can't enter the contest but I love the embroidery! that pattern is so pretty and as someone else says, it does look kind of scandinavian. Very creative!

  9. I'd love to decoupage the deers in sheet music, then they could sit on my piano :0) I'd like to try the embroidery idea but mine wouldn't look as good as yours!

    I follow on bloglovin as Sara K xxx