Monday, 11 March 2013

My 2013 goals: A progress report

Like so many others, I tend to start the year full of good intentions and excitement for what lies ahead, only to have the long, cold, miserable months of January and February sap all my motivation and positivity.

This year, I set a few goals on New Year's Day.  Some were kind of vague, some more specific and all seemed manageable.  Ten weeks on, I thought it was time to look back and see how I've done so far...

Go vegan two days a week

Fail.  Kind of.  I have definitely eaten a lot more vegan meals this year but I haven't stuck to two completely vegan days every single week.  On the whole, though, a large proportion of my food and drink has been vegan so I think I've done OK.  

As always, tea is my biggest struggle as I just can't drink it with soy milk!  Maybe if the weather ever warms up, I'll find it easier to forgo the several piping hot mugs of Yorkshire Tea I need to get through the cold days of winter.

Learn a language

Yes!  I am currently learning Italian and (I think) it's going rather well so far.  I can count, I can order a meal, I can introduce myself...that's enough to see me through a few days next time I'm in Italy, yes?  I'm loving learning a language again and Italian feels much more natural to me than Spanish did when I started learning that a few years ago.  Maybe it's the language's similarities with French, the fact that I well and truly left my heart in Rome or just that I am much more into Italian culture (and food).  

Make more time for friends

Yes!  It's so hard getting everyone together but I've definitely made more of an effort so far this year by being more flexible and shifting my schedule around to enable me to see friends more.  I've also got a couple of roadtrips lined up to make sure I don't leave out those friends who are further afield.  

Try a new recipe every week

Kind of.  I haven't consciously tried a new recipe every single week but looking back, I reckon I've just about tried 10 new recipes this year.  So I'm saying "yes".  I've made fresh pasta, a first for me, stepped out of my lasagne rut, made chocolate souffle for the first time and had a few cooking experiments turn out very well.

Get back to nature

Fail.  I've definitely spent a lot more time outdoors so far this year as I'm now working from home again.  Most of this has been spent on the Wirral coast, though, and what I really wanted to do was get out to North Wales and the Lakes, climb mountains, stumble over scree piles and wade through muddy streams (I know, I don't seem the type, but I really am).  In my defence, it's been bloody cold and snowy so far this year and I don't think my boyfriend would take too kindly to being dragged up Mount Snowdon in heavy blizzards so this goal will have to wait for slightly warmer weather.  I really don't want to be one of those people who has to be airlifted to safety by Mountain Rescue, the shame.

I'll stick to the beaches for a few more weeks, I think.

Write, write and write

Yes!  It is definitely true that you get out what you put in, especially in the world of freelance writing.  I've been amazed by the volume of work out there and am plodding along, building up a nice little portfolio of writing while gaining experience in different topics and kinds of content.  

Complete all my un-finished projects...

Meh.  I've completed some, but started about 20 more.  That's OK, though.  This goal was more wishful thinking than anything else and the fact that I finally finished my little bluefinch embroidery after many, many months is good enough for me.

On balance, I think I'm quite pleased with my progress and it's come as a pleasant surprise to realise I am well on the way to accomplishing several of my goals for 2013!



  1. I think that's pretty bloomin' good progress, myself! As you say, winter can be truly awful - I think I do well to get myself out of bed, dressed and through a day of work at this time of year, and expect to come to life properly
    soon. When it stops snowing. In March. For the record, I'll climb Snowdon with you. My nan lives nearby and it always seems more manageable with the thought of tea and cake to hand afterwards!

    And embroidery is never a quick craft, (though you do seem pretty speedy at it) so another well done there. x

    1. Thanks, Anna! I am always up for a Welsh daytrip, wonder if your nan would do us a packed lunch of cake with a flask of tea? I would definitely climb a mountain if there was the promise of cake at the top x

  2. You're doing well so far, good luck with the rest of them!

    & have you ever tried Almond milk in tea? It's really quite nice, I keep trying to make the switch to Vegan as well and I really stuggle with dairy products.


    1. Thanks, Hannah :-)

      Funnily enough I saw an ad for almond milk last night and wondered about trying it as an alternative to soy in hot drinks. I will hunt some out this week, thanks! x

  3. Sounds like you're doing pretty well! ;) Helenx

    1. Thanks Helen! I think I'm getting there... :-) x

  4. Sounds like you're doing pretty well! ;) Helenx