Friday, 8 March 2013

Lavender stuffed crochet heart

A lovely Mother's Day heart for my lovely mum...

The heart is based on a pattern from The Complete Guide to Crochet from the people who publish Inside Crochet.  I don't usually buy crochet magazines but I couldn't resist this massive issue with 43 patterns!

I used a finer yarn and smaller hook than the pattern suggests as I didn't want it to be too big.   After stuffing with the filling and lavender sachet, I added a little loop as I think it 'll make a really nice hanging heart.  I'm going to make one for my Gran as well as a little Mother's Day gift so I'd better get a move on as I'm seeing her tomorrow...

Wishing a very happy and relaxing Mother's Day to mums, mams, mothers and mummies everywhere!



  1. So pretty, I love handmade gifts.
    I'm still trying to get my head around crochet, every attempt has failed no matter how many videos/tutorials I watch.


    1. Thank Hannah :-) I learnt to crochet entirely from one book, The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller. I'd recommend that to anyone as I'd tried other books before but with no joy x